Supporting Efforts

As can be imagined, our efforts towards developing clean water sources, improved sanitation, soil conservation, reforestation and improved medical services to the area in Haiti in which we are working involves a host of other efforts. In the past year we have accomplished several important tasks to further support these efforts including, but not limited to:

1. Importing a heavy duty, 4 wheel drive, 1 ton truck capable of carrying water and heavy loads into the remote mountain areas where we work, many of which have no roads.

2. Ongoing study of the Creole language which allows us to communicate with our Haitian partners.

3. Renting a small house where we live while we’re in Haiti and when we bring medical and supporting staff.

4. Developing education materials (documentaries, brochures, etc.) for programs in Haiti and for use in the US to help educate about the needs in Haiti and inform people of our efforts to meet these needs .

5. Purchasing and importing an inventory of tools, gloves, shoes, etc. for use in our programs and to complete various projects.

Future supporting efforts may include:

  1. Developing a permanent residence for NFoH members who live in Haiti for extended periods as well as groups who travel to Haiti to support programs.
  2. Expanding our inventory of tools and equipment as needed for our ever growing programs as well as developing a storage facility to house this inventory.
  3. Acquiring another, larger, heavy duty 4×4 vehicle to continue supporting our efforts in these mountain communities.

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