Mission & Purpose

To partner with our Haitian neighbors to develop clean water access solutions, effective sanitation practices, soil conservation, reforestation and improved health care; all of which must be durable and self-sustaining by the people of Haiti, using indigenous Haitian resources.


The PURPOSE of Northern Friends of Haiti is to:

  • Help improve our world condition in a dedicated and collaborative manner, with particular emphasis on our Haitian brothers and sisters.
  • Work with Haitians to improve their lives and their country’s health and productivity.
  • Share our experience, with people of means and to encourage the sharing of time, talents and treasure to help with world healing.
  • Make people of means more aware that the people of Haiti lack basic human essentials.
  • Bring awareness of the incredible Spirit of our Haitian brothers and sisters.


This is what we know about Haiti:

  • Haiti was once a rich, prosperous land that was known as “The Jewel of the Caribbean”.
  • Haiti struggles to utilize its potential natural resources and develop industry and a stable job market in order to provide for the economic wellbeing of its citizens.
  • Haiti continually struggles for improvement despite a recurrent influx of significant philanthropic effort.
  • Most Haitians have limited or no access to clean water, live with primitive or no sanitation solutions, and have developed an environmental hazard in their land through deforestation and poor soil management practices during their 200 year history. More recently, recurring natural disasters including multiple hurricanes and a 7.0 Mw earthquake in 2010 have dealt additional devastating blows to an already crippled land.

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