Health & Medical

Proposed Community Educational Facility

Northern Friends of Haiti is committed to our self-imposed requirement that all solutions we develop in the South Bayonnais Valley of Haiti must be Sustainable. This means solutions will have continuance; eventually being managed and maintained by members of the communities benefitting without requiring outside assistance. We believe the key […]

The Elaine Harrington Community Clinic – Update

Last year, Northern Friends of Haiti (NFoH), in association with our Haitian partners and the “Leadership Coalition” who represents the Bayonnais Valley community, built a combined Community Center and Medical Clinic in the village of Lacoupe. This extensive project, with a final cost of approximately $50,000, was conceptualized in January, […]

Food Crisis in Bayonnais Valley, Haiti

Imagine sitting in the dark, trying to study with a stomach that has not received food in days. “Since the beginning of 2015, Haiti has been facing a persistent drought in various agro-ecological zones. This drought has resulted in the loss of more than 50% of the 2015 spring campaign […]

New Rural Medical and Community Center Opens

  The intention to develop a combined community and medical center in the remote, mountainous valley of Bayonaisse was announced in March of this year. (refer to Blog dated March 18, 2015) The conceptual design was sketched by Mark, then evolved into construction plans and a wonderful rendition which helped […]

Proposed “multipurpose” building for serving remote communities

Rendition of proposed medical & community center Our efforts to develop clean water sources, implement advanced sanitation practices and improve food stability through soil conservation and reforestation are being received well in Lacoupe, Bayonnais.  We are now expanding our focus on improving medical services and meeting other community needs for […]