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With Our Partners in Haiti
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collection and purification

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in remote communities

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good sanitation practices

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revitalizing the Haitian lands

Partnering with our Haitian neighbors to develop clean water access solutions, effective sanitation practices, soil conservation, reforestation and improved health care; all of which must be durable and self-sustaining by the people of Haiti, using indigenous Haitian resources.

Northern Friends of Haiti, Inc. (NFoH) was founded by Theresa Fortner and Mark Gilbert for the purpose of developing sustainable solutions to the lack of basic human requirements in central Haitian rural communities.

Our efforts are currently focused in an upper mountain valley of south Bayonnais, comprised of seventeen (17) villages ranging in size from 40 to 150 families, approximately 20 kilometers east of the City of Gonaives. An estimated 12,000 Haitians live in this 45 square kilometer upper valley which is surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides. Vehicle access to the area requires driving 4 miles on rough dirt roads before descending into a river bed and driving up it for approximately 2 miles. From that point there are two hand (picks and shovels) excavated and maintained roads that climb to the upper valley, which is at an elevation of 1000 +/- feet. This upper valley lacks clean water sources, has no power or other services and was 10 miles from the nearest health clinic before the new “Elaine Harrington Community Clinic” was opened (refer to associated Blog).

Theresa and Mark, as founders of NFoH, are committed to the following:

  • Solutions must be sustainable. That means solutions will have continuance (in time) and be able to be sustained by members of the communities without requiring assistance from anyone else.
  • We will remain focused on one area at a time in Haiti until these solutions are achieved.
  • We will “maximize” every dollar donated to our organization for the benefit of Haitian communities.
  • Our efforts will benefit the communities, not specific individuals.
  • NFoH funds will not be used to pay for our personal travel expenses and living costs while in Haiti.  We will remain responsible for our own expenses.
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